Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC Madness Continued

The DNC is in full swing and someone got busted for lugging around his own feces!!! That is such awesome news.

I have stayed out of downtown but I might swing down tomorrow with a friend just to see the craziness.

I'm sure some stories could be told but for the most part other than the whitest of white trash being busted for "organizing" an attempt on Obama's life, it's been fairly mellow. I say "organizing" because from the looks of these mammals I'm pretty sure scoring meth is a struggle.

I heard a hilarious thing on the radio today. It was audio of a Denver cop telling a crowd they needed to disperse. He politely told them they needed to leave or they'd be arrested. You can hear the crowd yelling at him and tell him to fuck off, but he remains calm and starts to finish what he's saying by noting the time: 4:20. When he says 4:20 the place erupts and you can't hear a thing. I laughed my ass off.

If I go down, I'll report back. But for right now, I'm going to shit in an empty Pringles tube and donate it to a worthy protester.


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