Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hey Carlos, maybe it's just that you are terrible.

Wasting breath or infinite internet space on Carlos Mencia is really a shame. But that talentless hack has moved me to write something.

Mencia is the shitty comedian who hosts his show Mind of Mencia on Comedy Central. If you’ve ever seen it, you’re dumber for the experience. It’s a sloppy, half-assed and very racist rip-off of Dave Chapelle’s show. It seems that once Chapelle left the Comedy Central family, they were very desperate to fill that slot with something, anything, and Mencia took a dump in the right place at the right time.

This show is awful. Take away everything about how racist and “controversial” it is and it just flat out sucks. Mencia is the lowest grade comedian, it’s shocking that this is on the air. But apparently there are some really stupid people out there who eat this shit up. Go figure. I’ll guarantee the bulk of the audience for Mind of Mencia is white. And thus the trend of catering to a white audience while insulting them is played out further.

Watch just two minutes of it and you will understand. There are cheesy improv groups in the bowels of our country turning out better comedy than this man who has his own show on a popular cable network. It must get pretty good ratings because no exec at Comedy Central would have let this go on if it wasn’t making money.

With that said, let’s get to the racism. Mencia ended a recent show by saying “if you don’t think this is funny, then you are an uptight white guy.” Wow. Well, I am white. I’m not uptight. So where does that leave us? How about that it’s just not funny? Chapelle, who I consider a brilliant comedian, did a lot of racial humor and it worked well. He not only skewered white and black people, but Asian and Hispanics as well. Mencia might appear to lambaste his fellow Hispanic, but his bread and butter is sticking it to whitey.

It’s so easy and obvious to chalk up not liking something to being a certain color. How about if I said, “hey! Use these condoms. If you don’t want to, you’re an uptight Mexican!” Or “hey! Here are some smart economic decisions. If you don’t want to employ them then you’re an uptight black guy!” That’s pretty bad right? Well it’s really no worse than what Mencia shits out on a weekly basis on Comedy Central. But it’s ok to be racist to white people right?

No. Racism sucks no matter who it’s aimed at. It’s even worse when it’s used as a fall back when someone’s comedy is sadly sub-par.

Mencia’s life is unfortunately more funny than his show. He pretends to be Mexican but he’s really like half Honduran and half German. Not a lot of racist comedy gold to be mined when you’re actually half “white” yourself. He’s a joke stealer (famously documented by Joe Rogan in those YouTube clips), and did several painful Bud Lite ads focusing on his unique (read: bad) take on racial humor. I can’t express to you how terrible he is. Since I’m posing as writer, I should at least try: there is a dude with greasy hair and no teeth bagging groceries and busting better jokes down at the local supermarket than Carlos Mencia is right now.

Racial humor can be very funny. When it’s done right, it exposes the differences between us in a comedic way instead of the usual hateful way a lame racist joke is told by a creep at your local bar. I’ll bet that Carlos Mencia isn’t even a racist; he’s just using anti-white sentiments because he has nothing else. He’s the worst kind of comedian who’s running on fumes and the only thing he can do is crap out a weak “white guy” joke. And if that’s the best thing you can dig out of your comedic bag, you really and truly suck.

And if you don’t like what I’ve written then you’re an uptight (insert race and gender here).



J Reidy said...

Here were the comments on this post from the other blog:

another easy target :) But I have to agree that not enough people know or care that this guy is a joke stealing, unfunny assbag.
Rogen already exposed him as such.
The thing that really comes to mind is another old racial joke that if you can no longer afford to pay a black guy for a job, a "mexican" will do it for half the price. Except now this idiot is not even giving comedy value for money.
Racist jokes are only good to expose the ridiculousness of racism and he is not doing that. He's just re-using the same stereotypes so much that it enforces them..the Thing that Chappelle felt he was doing and got disenchanted by. (see the last DVD of his show for a commentary about this and the actual sketch that broke him).
Hope they cut this asshole's show off soon. I don't know of many people that find him funny at all.
Then again the blue-collar comedy bullshit is just as bad, except for the one guy that drinks onstage..he's witty at least.

10:27 AM
Blogger J Reidy said...

the blue collar comedy thing isn't very good, but i can see how someone (a white guy into that shit) could find it funny. it's not for me, but you can at least point to some of it and say "ok, i can see why nascar/white guy would laugh."

larry the cable guy, who's shtick is awful, is actually a pretty quick comedian. again, not my bag, but when i hear him perform, i know why his audience likes it.

mencia is just not funny. i don't care if you're hispanic, white or whatever, the jokes are simply not good. and when "racial" jokes have absolutely not comedic value, they become "racist."

i've tried to watch him. good lord i have. but every time it's just bad, bland comedy. jeff foxworthy, doing his lamest 'redneck' shtick is sharper and quicker than this "unfunny assbag."


11:10 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mencia is terrible, but chelsea handler might be worse - and she has her own show too.

J Reidy said...

more on Mencia from the original post:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I May or may not work near a certain local TV news hostess who may or may not have said "Who the fuck is Carlos Mencia?" and then proceeded to interview him on air like he was the hottest shit to hit the town since.... holy christ, when did anything hot hit this town?

- Ribby Heaver

1:04 AM
Blogger J Reidy said...

that is a juicy bit of gossip! not surprised. that's how hacks like Mencia get by...just clueless talking heads and program directors (is that what they have for tv?) not doing their homework and perpetuating his career.

lemme guess from your name....Ron "the moustache" Zappolo?


9:12 PM